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Sweaka WMS Dashboard

  • Advanced statistics on all actions in your supply chain.
  • Manage sales and purchases.
  • Manage customers by category, loyalty and sector.
  • Manage the suppliers (credit, profit, objective, etc.).
  • Manage the products.
  • Manage Prices (by sector, quantity and customer category).
  • Control orders and receipts.
  • Have control over your stock.
  • Manage the invoicing.
  • Instant email and/or SMS notification on key events such as loading/unloading confirmations of your goods, progress status of your orders, products in break, expiry date of products, distribution cycle of your products (well arrived, in court...) etc.
  • Monitor your salespeople’s tours by day, area, region and frequency of customer visits.
  • Follow in real time the distribution channels of the products.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM):
  • Sweaka dashboard supports multi-user access. (supervisor, manager, stock manager...).

Sweaka Driver

Vos livreurs sont les utlisateurs principaux de sweaka drivers

With Sweaka Driver, you can track in real time the position of your drivers, know their activity status and be informed of any incident (customer return, delay, etc.). This allows you to continuously monitor your deliveries.

  • View notes from your manager and supervisor in real time.
  • Add changes to your customer contact information.
  • Extraire les factures de vos clients à l'aide d'une imprimante mobile.
  • Manage the day’s bills.
  • Manage truck stock.
  • Manage your customers' sales.
  • Manage your customers sales.
  • Manage payment terms.
sweaka driver
sweaka market

Sweaka Market

Retailers are the main users of “sweaka market”

if you are a retailer SWEAKA MARKET allows you to:

  • Stay connected with your warehouses
  • Fill your orders in case of out of stock
  • Monitor your deliveries in real time according to the time, place and quantity of products loaded.
  • Receive notifications via a smart system to check your stock.
  • View your invoices.
  • Have a clear visibility on your debts.
  • Consult the product catalogues of your warehouses.
  • View discounts, promotions and product price changes.
  • Direct contact with your warehouses .

Our Services

Sweaka WMS vous garantit l'optimisation de votre process entrepôt, en augmentant vos performances et votre rentabilité grâce aux services suivants.

All services are available on your PC, smart phone or tablet.


Inventory management

  • Receive real-time advanced statistics on all changes made to your stock.
  • Keep the correct quantity of each product or item in stock.
  • Follow the needs of the market from which you save costs and increase the productivity.

Order management

  • Avoid being overwhelmed by the number of incoming orders.
  • Avoid losing track of your orders.
  • instant notifications on all movements of your orders.
  • Save time to process all your customers' requests.

Analytics & Dashboard

Unique, detailed and advanced mainly on:

  • Most and least requested products.
  • Stock movements (break, shortage, etc.)
  • Objectives of the day by top sectors, cities, delivery companies, customers, products, cammandes, purchases and sales.


  • To have a global view on the daily activities of your delivery agents in real time.
  • Get the shortest and fastest route.
  • Analyze your data based on deliveries made.
  • Improve your turnover, depending on the distributions made.


  • Automatically log your invoices
  • Advanced search on your invoices by invoice type, date, customer...
  • Share your invoices by email
  • Your drivers can print customer bills directly from a mobile printer.
  • Simplify your accounting tasks.

Customer management

  • Add and organize your customer profiles by category, sector and region.
  • Have a clear visibility on your debts.
  • Directly control the points of purchase and sales.
  • Define and update the credit limit for each customer.
  • Invite your customers to use Sweaka market to receive your customer orders directly.

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An easy-to-use platform to control and manage your warehouse movements. sweaka helped me organize my products, my deliveries, calculate the PMP and costs, and keep my money and expenses clearer. I highly recommend you try it, it will save you time and effort.



CEO, Groupe LABELLE Boukadir

A professional tool, especially when it comes to purchases and sales. It gives you data and information about what’s going on in your business and really makes it easier to communicate with your customers, as you can use it to manage your orders, track delivery and finalize sales transactions.

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Multi-User Aces

  • Dashboard
  • Multi-Access
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing management
  • Sales management
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Billing management
  • Product management
  • User account management
  • Data backup


Multi-User Aces

  • Basic pack
  • Data backup
  • Price management
  • Driver Management 0-4
  • Order management
  • Monthly and weekly summary newsletter



Multi-User Aces

  • Premium Pack
  • Newsletter on geographical coverage
  • Anomalies Newsletter
  • SEO on google maps

Our Support

If you have any problems or requests using Sweaka, here are our various efforts to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your experience.

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24/7 remote support:

We have a 24/7 reactive team to give you quick answers to your requests. You can contact us by phone and/or e-mail and we will answer you in a few minutes.

Individual online training sessions:

You can schedule a meeting with one of our experts using Videoconferencing to better solve the problem at your fingertips.

Support PDF / video :

You can receive your PDF guide or simply follow our tutorials in case of problems with one of our different services.

In-person technical support:

En cas de difficulté extrême qui ne peut pas être résolu sur Internet., l’équipe technique de Sweaka WMS sera prête à vous rendre visite chez vous et à réparer le problème.

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