A Saas cloud solution

sweaka is software as a service, you can manage it and configure it from where you are. Adapting to the size of any screen on which it is displayed.

Product management

Add your product sheets and organize them by categories, suppliers, unit of measure, calculation unit and VAT. until you see the details of stocks and statistics related to your products.

gestion des stocks

Inventory management

Take control of your inventory, Avoid dead inventory and save storage costs, Have visibility on the types of stock movements, Purchases and orders.

Real time vehicle tracking

See the GPS location of your delivery agents live. The data is customized according to time and distance.

Chargement/Déchargement de marchandises

Avoid congestion on docks, reduce wait times and reduce transportation costs. In order to help your carriers meet the deadlines for your deliveries, sweaka guarantees you strict compliance with the loading and unloading deadline.

Google Street and satellite view

Access the Google Street or satellite view in map mode.
Geolocation map of your drivers with customized colors, geolocation map of your customers.

Customer relationship management

Adjust and organize your customer profiles by category, sector and region. Have direct visibility on the identification, attraction, loyalty of your customers. organize your customer relations and quickly develop your turnover.


Receive weekly and monthly reports by email with advanced analytics on all your company’s advancements. Top loyal customers, top products sold, top sectors requested, profits, credits, anomalies, number of orders, number of invoices, damaged products etc...

Supplier management

Centralize supplier data such as Contracts, Certifications, Valuations, Transaction History, Financial Scoring and with advanced graphics you can analyze the situation and make the most appropriate decisions for your service purchases, of products and works.

Sourcing and Sales Management

Manage the entire purchasing and sales cycle from the RFQ to the supplier invoice (for purchases) and from the quote to the invoice (for sales).. In a few seconds, you create a template of your document (invoice, purchase order, delivery order...) and send it directly to your customer through the mobile application sweaka market. Benefit from essential tools to track your sales: Dashboards, list of orders in progress...

Sweaka driver

Thanks to this mobile application your delivery drivers can perform their missions properly. and allows you to track deliveries of your orders in real time. Consultation of customer files and related information: progress on payment, delivery details, truck stock, product returns, etc.

Advanced Analytics

Have predictive analyses on all the axes of your chain, the most and least requested products, stock movements (rupture, shortage, etc.), the objectives of the day by top sectors, cities, delivery companies, customers, products, orders, purchases and sales. Profits and credits by customer category. number of customers visited, sales and orders.


The delivery management and distribution system is secured by an electronic signature in the form of identification numbers. This will be done by your delivery agents via the sweaka driver mobile app and by your customers via the sweaka market mobile app. you will be notified immediately upon receipt of your order.


Receive instant notifications on the platform and alerts by SMS or email for key events such as confirmation of loading/unloading of your goods, progress status of your orders, products in break, expiry date of the products, distribution cycle of your products (well arrived, in court...) etc.

Sector management

Improve delivery performance and the customer delivery experience, control and reduce your operating costs, with sweaka you can plan your tours per day (the most requested areas...) based on dashboard analyses.

Staff management

ématérialisez dès maintenant vos Ressources Humaines pour Gagnez un Temps Précieux, assignez les rôles de Sweaka WMS de manière appropriée à vos employés. et soyez alerté de l’activité au sein de lieux spécifiques à des heures données de l'activité de vos personnels. (Superviseur, responsable comptoire, manager, livreur)

Order management

Sweaka WMS dashboard comprend toutes les étapes à suivre à partir du moment où un client passe une commande jusqu'à la réception de la commande,vous pouvez gérer, prioriser et organiser vos commandes par catégorie de clientèle, secteur et région.

Sweaka market

one more service for your customers. sweaka market makes it easier for you to manage your customers and allows you to improve your productivity. With this application, your customers can execute their orders in case of shortage of stock, track their deliveries in real time according to the time, place and quantity of products loaded. Check your product catalogues, discounts, promotions and price changes on your products.

Improve your account maintenance

Configure your warehouse information, cover photo, name, description, email address, physical address and geolocation. Knowing that sweaka offers you a free point of your geographical address on google map.


Turn your quotes into invoices in one click, speed up and secure payments, automate your accounting entry. sweaka also has a mobile sweka driver app that gives you the freedom to bill anywhere, and at any time giving your customers the opportunity to directly accept your quotes online. Once your quotes are accepted, you can automatically convert them into invoices, saving valuable time.

Automated/Scheduled Reports

In order to streamline commercial operations, you will receive by email weekly and monthly personalized reports on all the transactions of your warehouse, your profits, your loyal customers, the most sold products, changes to your inventory…

Price management

Déterminez les prix de vos produits en fonction de la demande ou en fonction de vos contraintes d'entreprise. fixez vos prix, par quantité de produits, par catégorie client, par secteur... Sweaka WMS vous donne la possibilité de fixer une fourchette de prix pour un produit donné.

Mobile printing

Print from anywhere. Your delivery agents can directly print for your customers the invoices, the delivery notes, the purchase orders, the purchase orders through the mobile sweaka driver application which will be connected with a mobile printer.

Management of expiry dates

Manage DLU dates and expiration dates. The expiry alert threshold is programmable for each product or article family. All products or items in the stock are concerned. The visibility of alert thresholds is permanent and materialized by colors. Date displayed in GREEN for the product is not expired and not near expiry date, date in ORANGE for the alert time before expiry is activated and date in RED for an already expired product.

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