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Efficient invoice management in a warehouse thanks to Sweaka's services.

Invoice Management

Convert quotes to invoices instantly, accelerate payments, automate accounting. Use Sweaka Driver app to invoice anywhere, anytime. Clients can accept quotes online, automatically converted to invoices, saving time.

Cloud-based SaaS solution powering warehouse management and operations.

A Cloud SaaS Solution

Sweaka is a versatile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that enables you to manage and configure it remotely. It seamlessly adapts to any screen size, ensuring optimal display and usability.

Efficient product management with Sweaka's comprehensive warehouse solution.

Product Management

Easily manage product sheets by categorizing, adding supplier details, prices, units of measurement, calculation units, VAT. Track stock information and view comprehensive product statistics

Well-organized warehouse managed seamlessly with Sweaka's inventory management service.

Inventory Management

Take charge of inventory management, minimize dead stocks, and cut down storage expenses. Get a clear view of stock movements, purchases, and orders for enhanced visibility and control.

Sweaka's real-time vehicle tracking service ensuring efficient and reliable delivery operations.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Effortlessly track and monitor your drivers' real-time GPS location using customized data. Gain valuable insights based on time and distance parameters, ensuring accurate and enhanced visibility.

Sweaka's loading/unloading of goods service facilitating efficient transfer of goods between warehouse and trucks.

Loading/Unloading of Goods

Prevent dock congestion, minimize waiting times, and lower transport costs. Sweaka ensures strict adherence to loading and unloading deadlines, helping carriers meet your delivery schedules effectively

Sweaka's Google Street View and Satellite service providing visual insights and location intelligence for enhanced logistics and warehouse management.

Google Street View and Satellite

Explore Google Street View or Satellite View in map mode. Benefit from a geolocation map of drivers with customizable colors, and another map dedicated to customer geolocation

Sweaka's Customer Relationship Management service fostering strong customer relationships and satisfaction for optimized logistics and warehouse management.

Customer Relationship Management

Efficiently organize customer records by category, sector, and region. Gain direct visibility into customer identification, attraction, and retention. Streamline customer relationships for fast revenue growth.

Sweaka's Automated/Scheduled Reports service delivering timely and insightful reports for data-driven decision-making in warehouse and logistics management.

Automated/Scheduled Reports

Get comprehensive weekly and monthly reports via email, providing advanced analysis on various aspects of your company's progress. Explore top loyal customers, best-selling products, popular sectors, profits more.

Successful supplier management facilitated by Sweaka's services.

Supplier Management

Centralize supplier data including contracts, certifications, evaluations, transaction history, and financial scoring. Utilize advanced graphs to analyse the situation and make informed decisions.

Sweaka's Purchase and Sales Management service streamlining and optimizing the procurement and sales processes for efficient warehouse and logistics operations.

Purchase and Sales Management

Streamline purchase and sales cycles: from price requests to supplier invoices (purchases) and quotes to invoices (sales). Create document templates, send them via Sweaka Market and access key sales tools like order lists.

Sweaka Driver app, empowering seamless driver management for warehouses, with a user-friendly interface for efficient coordination and tracking of drivers and vehicles.

Sweaka Driver

With our mobile app, delivery drivers excel in their missions while you track real-time order deliveries. Access customer files and related details like payment progress, delivery specifics, truck inventory, product returns, and more.

Sweaka's Advanced Analytics service providing powerful data insights and analytics in warehouse operations for data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

Advanced Analytics

Access predictive analysis for all chain aspects: popular and low-demand products, stock movements, daily goals by sectors...Track profits, credits by customer category, visits, sales, and orders for actionable insights.

Sweaka's Proof of Delivery / Electronic Signature service offering secure and efficient electronic signing capabilities for streamlined delivery confirmation and proof of receipt.

Proof of Delivery / Electronic Signature

Ensure secure delivery management and order distribution with electronic signatures using identification numbers. Your drivers and customers utilize Sweaka's mobile apps for the process, ensuring prompt notifications upon order receipt.

Warehouse worker leveraging Sweaka's solution for instant notifications and real-time updates on warehouse operations.


Get real-time platform notifications and SMS/email alerts for important events like loading/unloading confirmations, order progress, out-of-stock items, product expiration, distribution cycle, and more.

Sweaka's Sector Management service optimizing driver performance, customer delivery experience, and operational costs in a warehouse environment.

Sector Management

Enhance driver performance and customer delivery experience while controlling and reducing operational costs. Sweaka enables you to optimize daily routes with dashboard analytics, considering high-demand sectors, for improved efficiency.

Sweaka's Personnel Management service fostering a satisfied and engaged workforce in warehouse operations.

Personnel Management

Digitize your Human Resources to save time. Assign roles in Sweaka to employees and receive alerts on activity within specific locations and times (supervisor, counter manager, warehouse manager, driver).

Streamlined order management with Sweaka's efficient warehouse solution.

Order Management

The Sweaka Dashboard guides you through the entire order process, from placement to receipt. Easily manage, prioritize, and organize orders based on customer category, sector, and region for streamlined operations.

Sweaka Market, the mobile app designed for retailers, delivering a seamless and joyful retail experience.

Sweaka Market

Enhance customer service with Sweaka Market, streamlining management and boosting productivity. Customers can order during stock shortages, track deliveries in real-time based on time, location, and loaded quantity.

Sweaka's Enhanced Account Maintenance service empowering users to personalize and manage their warehouse accounts with ease.

Enhance Account Maintenance

Configure your warehouse info: cover photo, name, description, email, address, and geolocation. Sweaka offers a free geolocation point on Google Maps, ensuring accurate representation of your warehouse.

Sweaka's Price Management service enabling efficient and accurate price management within the warehouse

Price Management

Customize product prices in Sweaka based on demand or business constraints. Set prices by product quantity, customer category, sector, and more. Sweaka enables you to define price ranges for specific products.

Sweaka's Mobile Printing service empowering on-the-go printing capabilities for efficient and convenient receipt generation.

Mobile Printing

Print documents from anywhere with ease. Sweaka Driver mobile app enables your drivers to directly print invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, and order forms for customers. Simply connect a mobile printer for seamless printing capabilities.

Sweaka's Expiration Date Management service facilitating easy tracking and monitoring of product expiration dates.

Expiration Date Management

Efficiently manage expiration dates (DLU) with Sweaka. Permanent visibility through color representation: GREEN for non-expired products, ORANGE for activated expiration alert period, and RED for expired products.

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